Satish Lal Acharya

Satish is a famed Indian cartoonist from Kundapura, Karnataka

The world’s attention taken by the Charlie Hebdo cartoon by Satish Acharya

A well-known cartoonist Satish lal Acharya from the town of Kundapur has just added another pearl to his collection. His new cartoon dedicated to the Charlie Hebdo attack in France that occurred a while ago, has been acknowledged by world mass media as being one of the best representations of the incident.

Satish Lal Acharya & Censorship

Indian censorship has recently become notoriously well-known due to a cartoon by Udta Punjab, which demonstrated the wide-spread drugs issue, extensively covered by the media. However, this hasn’t been the single target of the censors’ attention.

It is obvious, that Satish Lal Acharya, while being such a popular cartoonist, whose smart cartoons make many people laugh their heads off, was doomed to get a special treatment by the censors of the Congress

8 World-changing Classic Cartoons

It is a quite common trend among experts in art, history of art, aesthetics, and others to disregard cartoons and caricatures as primitive — childish — irrelevant and trivial.

Interview with Satish lal Acharya. Part 2

Satish lal Acharya came into blogging in March 2007 (My first blog lost to hacking by him).

Interview with Satish lal Acharya. Part 1

Around 20 years ago, it was a normal day at school but for one it wasn’t.

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Satish Lal Acharya is a self-taught cartoonist who wonders what they teach at cartooning schools. Passionate about all aspects of journalism. Thankfully, friends and family no longer question Satish's 'mad' decision to quit an MBA (finance) job to pursue cartooning. Other passions are cricket and cinema, both career candidates once upon a time.